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What is Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Get rid of stubborn excess fat under the chin, the abs or flanks! TruSculpt iD is an innovative, non-invasive body contouring system that treats the subcutaneous fat layer, providing long-lasting fat reduction. The 15-minute treatment can treat the abs and flanks simultaneously with virtually no downtime. This powerhouse treatment utilizes Radio Frequency, which heats and kills subcutaneous fat cells, killing about 20% of fat cells in the area permanently as well as tightening the skin by stimulating collagen production in the desired area. It is recommended to do a series of 2 to 4 treatments for best results depending on the patient and the amount of subcutaneous fat in the desired area, with visible improvements usually noticeable after as little as one or two treatments! This is a great option for those who are seeking a groundbreaking treatment to slenderize the figure painlessly with a long lasting, non-invasive “lunch-time procedure”. Give our friendly staff a call to schedule a consult with Dr. Katayoun Motlagh today to discuss your most beautiful YOU.

For a lot of us, time spent at the gym and dieting will never be adequate to eradicate extra fatty tissue in particular parts of the body. But do not fret — this is why Ever/Body designed the truSculpt iD system. By utilizing radiofrequency (RF) energy, this groundbreaking device is able to eradicate fat cells while tightening and firming the skin for a beautiful, youthful result. Dr. Katayoun Motlagh and her team in Palmdale, CA, are pleased to provide nonsurgical body contouring for patients who desire to slenderize and tighten the shape of their figure with a long-lasting, noninvasive procedure. Schedule a visit to Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics now to hear more about this or any of our other exciting treatments. We service the following areas in Antelope Valley: Lancaster, Quartz Hill, and Acton.

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What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring with truSculpt iD?

Even if you’ve had recent moderate or minor weight loss, are healthy, and are mostly pleased with your appearance, you may still have some pesky concentrations of fat that haven’t budged with a great exercise routine and healthy diet. If this applies to you, Kat Motlagh’s Health Clinics is proud to offer treatments with the truSculpt iD body contouring machine. This noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure uses radiofrequency energy to give patients a more shapely figure. Benefits of nonsurgical body contouring with truSculpt iD at our Palmdale, CA office include:

  • Noninvasive and quick treatments
  • Getting rid of areas of fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise
  • An appearance that’s more toned and accentuates natural curves
  • Multiple areas of the body can be targeted
  • Results are likely to be long-lasting
  • The results feel and look natural

How Does Nonsurgical Body Contouring Work?

Before the procedure begins, patients will be asked to sit comfortably in one of our private treatment rooms. Once they are ready to begin, the truSculpt iD handpiece will be slowly glided over the targeted areas of the body. This technology can be used to treat up to four separate regions of the body in just one session. As it passes over these areas, it emits radiofrequency (RF) energy that is transferred directly into the fat cells, causing them to gradually melt away. Generally, our patients do not find this treatment to be uncomfortable or particularly painful. In most cases, nonsurgical body contouring sessions will last anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes. However, this can vary depending on the patient's goals as well as the number of areas being treated.

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There is no "perfect" body, and we all have things we wish to change, like specific areas of fat that will not respond to exercise and a healthy diet. Due to modern technology, it is no longer necessary to decide between dealing with excess fat and surgical fat removal. Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics is excited to offer women and men in Palmdale, CA, nonsurgical body contouring procedures designed to reduce sections of stubborn fat without the need for surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Katayoun Motlagh to determine if you are an ideal candidate for this treatment or if another procedure would better fit your needs and expectations.


How Does the truSculpt iD System Work to Remove Surface Fat Non-Invasively?

Discover the Benefits of Monopolar Radiofrequency Energy and Precise Temperature Delivery for Optimal Fat Cell Targeting with truSculpt iD. Learn about Minimal Downtime, Permanent Fat Cell Removal, and High Treatment Effectiveness in Clinical Studies.


Who is a Good Candidate for truSculpt iD?

Find Out How This Versatile System Can Help You Improve Your Shape Regardless of Your Fitness Level. Learn How truSculpt iD Can Remove Surface Fat Deposits of Different Thicknesses, Whether You Have Loose or Tight Fat or an Active or Sedentary Lifestyle. Discover Whether One Session is Enough or if Multiple Treatments are Needed.

Plus, truSculpt iD Can Be Used on All Skin Types and Over Skin with Tattoos. However, Some Patients Should Avoid truSculpt iD Due to Electronic Implants or Time-Released Medical Devices. Find Out How the Presence of Metal in Your Body Can Affect Treatment and Learn When truSculpt iD Should Not Be Used.


How is truSculpt iD Treatment Performed?

Learn about Our Customized Approach to “Sculpting” Your Shape with the Help of Our Board-Certified Dermatologists. Discover the Three Different Treatment Approaches and the Unique Capabilities of truSculpt iD for Treating up to Six Areas in Just 15 Minutes.

Find Out How We Use Pads to Warm the Body and Adjust Temperature to Your Comfort Level. Learn about the Results You Can Expect, Including an Average of 24% Fat Reduction within Three Months and Gradual Improvement over 12 Weeks. Plus, Discover How Many Sessions You May Need for Smaller Areas Such as the Chin.


How Long Does truSculpt iD Treatment Take?

Discover the Factors that Affect Your Session Time, from the Location and Number of Treatment Areas to the Total Number of Areas You Want to Address. Find Out How Long Your Session Could Last, from Just 25 Minutes to an Hour or Longer, Depending on Your Needs. Plus, Learn about the Unique Capabilities of truSculpt iD, Which Can Treat up to 12 or More Areas in a Single Session.


When Will You See Results with truSculpt iD?

Discover When You Can Expect to See Changes in Your Body Shape and Size After Treatment. While Some Patients Notice Results in Just One to Two Weeks, Maximum Results are Typically Visible After 8 to 12 Weeks. Learn More About the Factors that Affect Your Results, Including the Permanent Removal of Fat Cells, Which Continues Gradually Over Time.


How Many truSculpt iD Treatments Do You Need?

Find Out How Many Sessions You May Need to Achieve Your Desired Body Shape and Size. Most Patients See a 24% Reduction in Surface Fat After Just One Session, But Depending on Your Goals, You May Need 1 to 2 Sessions Spaced 2 to 3 Months Apart. In Some Cases, a Third Session May Be Recommended for the Same Treatment Area. For Small Areas, Like Under the Chin, 2 to 4 Sessions May Be Needed, Spaced 6 Weeks Apart or Longer. Learn More About What to Expect from truSculpt iD Treatment.



What is the Longevity of Results from truSculpt iD?

The fat cells that are targeted and eliminated during truSculpt iD treatment are removed permanently. As long as you maintain a stable weight and avoid gaining new fat, you can expect to enjoy the long-term benefits of the treatment.


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