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What Is BeautiFill?

BeautiFill® fat transfer is a laser-based system that takes just a single appointment. It uses a proprietary laser system engineered to loosen and harvest live fat cells from common problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs. This fat is then re-injected into areas where volume loss has occurred, such as the cheeks. This is a safe alternative to regular fat transfer that requires no anesthesia and will get rid of your stubborn fat effectively with beautiful, long-lasting results. A heated tip is inserted into the area first to soften the fat, followed by fat removal to give the area a leaner, more contoured look. Downtime is minimal, and the results are permanent as long as you maintain your weight and keep up with diet and exercise. If you are interested in this novel form of fat transfer, please get in touch with Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics in Palmdale, CA today. We service the following areas in Antelope Valley: Lancaster, Quartz Hill, and Acton.

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What Are The Biggest Benefits Of BeautiFill Fat Transfer?

The predominant benefit of BeautiFill fat transfer is that it is excellent at removing and preserving fat cells that have high viability for successful transfer. This has always been the problem with fat transfer in the past — there was no way to have confidence in how much fat would “take.” Because BeautiFill uses a closed system and removes the fat with gentler laser-assisted liposuction methods, its average survival rate for transferred fat is 95%. This contrasts with the typical fat transfer success rates of 60-70%.

The other huge benefit is BeautiFill’s laser energy applied under the skin of the liposuction areas. When the body senses this energy in the dermis layer (the skin’s layer between the outer epidermis and the fat layer), it thinks the body has been wounded. As a response, it produces new collagen and elastin to “heal” the perceived wounds. This tightens and firms the skin, which is the perfect way to tighten down the skin over the areas that have had liposuction.

Am I A Candidate For BeautiFill?

Great candidates for laser-assisted fat transfer are typically those who:

  • Are maintaining a healthy weight
  • Have visibly sunken or sagging facial or body areas
  • Prefer a natural option instead of cosmetic dermal fillers
  • Want to minimize fat in a certain area and add fullness in another place

During your consultation, Dr. Motlagh or a member of her team will talk with you about your aesthetic concerns and aim to figure out whether this procedure would be appropriate for your needs.

How Is BeautiFill Performed?

BeautiFill is an in-office procedure with Dr. Motlagh. The first step is to inject tumescent solution (a mix of saline solution, lidocaine, and epinephrine) across the liposuction area, generally the abdomen, hips, flanks, or thighs. The saline helps to slightly swell the skin, the lidocaine anesthetizes the area, and the epinephrine constricts the blood vessels and the fat cells, making the fat easier to remove. Dr. Motlagh then inserts the cannula. It delivers laser energy to gently loosen the fat cells. They are then harvested by the cannula. The harvested fat is immediately filtered and stored in the BeautiFill system. The gentle laser-assisted energy combined with the fat cells being undisturbed makes for an incredibly successful rate of fat vitality. In clinical testing, BeautiFill® achieved fat vitality rates of over 95%.

The harvested fat is then taken from the BeautiFill storage area and placed into individual small syringes. Dr. Motlagh then injects this fat into areas where the patient has suffered volume loss, such as the cheeks, areas around the mouth, the jowls, the undereye hollows, and the breasts. If larger amounts of fat are removed, it can be injected to augment the buttocks. The procedure is estimated to last approximately an hour.

What To Expect During Recovery After Fat Transfer?

Recovery time is minimal. Because the laser-assisted cannula doesn’t have to be moved about to break loose the fat cells, there is only minimal disruption under the skin in the treatment areas. This limits bruising and trauma to a degree that most patients can return to work or normal activities in just a day or two. The areas where the fat is injected don’t require a recovery. There can be some slight bruising at the liposuction sites and the injection sites, but it runs its course in a week or so. Additionally, BeautiFill removes fat cells permanently.

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How does BeautiFill differ from traditional fat transfer methods?

BeautiFill stands apart from traditional fat transfer methods due to its state-of-the-art technology. It employs a dual-action laser system that efficiently harvests and purifies fat cells, ensuring a higher survival rate of transferred fat. This results in more predictable outcomes, reduced downtime, and a smoother, more natural appearance.

How long does the procedure typically take?

The duration of the BeautiFill Fat Transfer Procedure varies depending on the extent of treatment and the number of areas targeted. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in a few hours. However, this estimation may differ for each patient, and your healthcare provider will provide a more accurate timeframe during your consultation.

Are the results of BeautiFill permanent?

The results of BeautiFill Fat Transfer are considered long-lasting. Since the procedure uses your body's own fat cells, the transferred volume should remain stable over time. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, factors like natural aging and lifestyle choices can impact the longevity of the results.

Does it hurt?

No. BeautiFill is an outpatient procedure performed completely awake and under local anesthesia. In addition, BeautiFill's laser energy provides the added benefit of less bruising and swelling often seen with fat harvesting methods.

What is the downtime?

This depends on the amount of volume you seek to remove and restore. For smaller cases, such as full-face volumization, patients may experience a mild degree of swelling, bruising and soreness for 24-48 hours, none of which should prevent you from resuming daily activities the next day if desired.

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