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DMV Physicals for DOT


DMV Physicals (DOT Physical Exams) in Palmdale

Looking for DOT medical exam services in Antelope Valley, CA? Look no further than our comprehensive range of services. Our certified medical examiners provide DOT-CDL-DMV physical exams, including Class A, B, and C physicals for drivers. We also offer specialized physicals for school and city bus drivers, ambulance drivers, fire and police department personnel, and FedEx/UPS employees.

In addition to DOT physicals, we offer city/state/government employee physicals, DMV medical evaluation form physicals, pre-participation sports physicals, IHSS physicals, and school physicals. We even provide DOT certified drug and alcohol testing for your convenience.

Dr. Katayoun Motlagh offers DMV/DOT physical exams for commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) at her Palmdale, CA practice. Are you a truck driving school? We've got you covered with our DOT-CDL-DMV physicals for aspiring drivers. And if you're an employer in need of pre-employment physicals or on-site/mobile DOT physical services, we can help with that too.Trust us to provide thorough and efficient DOT medical exam services in Antelope Valley, CA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Learn more below, or book an appointment with our certified DOT medical examiner today using the form on this page. KMHC Clinic services the following areas in Antelope Valley: Palmdale, Lancaster, Acton and Quartz Hill. 

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What Is A DMV Physical For DOT?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) must obtain from anyone who is applying for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) a particular and specific medical examination, which requires the completion of state and federal forms to provide medical clearance for CDL drivers. Medical clearance must also be obtained for a person starting the process with a commercial learner’s permit (CLP).

Dr. Katayoun Motlagh has certification in the State of California to perform these DMV physicals and complete the required paperwork.

Why Is A DMV/DOT Physical Exam Performed?

California, like every state, requires special DMV physical examinations and certification clearance for certain types of commercial vehicle drivers. Some states require taxi and limousine drivers to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). A CDL must also be obtained and carried by truck drivers (where the gross vehicle rate or gross combination weight is up to a certain limit), bus/van drivers (up to a certain capacity of passengers), and any vehicle used to transport hazardous materials.

Anyone considering getting a commercial driver’s license should know the conditions under which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations would disqualify a person based on his or her history. According to these laws, physical qualifications for drivers does not allow the issuance of a CDL if that person has now, or has had certain health conditions that would impair their ability to drive a vehicle, including:

  • Loss of a foot, leg, hand, or arm
  • Impairment of a hand or finger, arm, foot, or leg, or any other significant limb defect or limitation
  • A medical history of diabetes requiring insulin
  • A clinical designation of many types of heart diseases and conditions
  • A condition of respiratory dysfunction
  • A clinical diagnosis of high blood pressure
  • A medical history of arthritic, orthopedic, rheumatic, muscular, neuromuscular, or vascular disease
  • A mental, nervous, organic, or functional disease or psychiatric disorder
  • Certain visual problems possibly with or without corrective lenses, including color blindness
  • A hearing problem possibly with or without a hearing aid
  • A history of controlled substance or drug use or diagnosed alcoholism

What Does A DMV/DOT Physical Exam Involve?

As a certified provider of DMV physical exams for DOT in the State of California, Dr. Motlagh will perform a thorough examination and submit certain samples for laboratory work, plus complete the necessary documentation forms required by both the state and the federal government. The last step of the process involves Dr. Motlagh signing and submitting the forms both to the state and to the federal government, along with her own assessment.

The DMV physical exam includes two parts, to be completed separately by the patient and the medical examiner.

Patient To Complete:

  • Personal information: name, address, contact information, etc.
  • Driver health history: surgeries, medications, etc.
  • Detailed history: 32 questions about your own health history and conditions you have had

Dr. Motlagh To Complete:
Health History Review

The DMV health history review will include:

  • Reviewing all elements of health history that may affect driving
  • Reviewing all available medical records

DMV/DOT Physical Exam and Testing

The DMV physical exam and testing will involve:

  • Performing a thorough physical examination
  • Testing blood pressure
  • Testing vision/visual acuity
  • Testing hearing, including whisper and audiometric tests
  • A urinalysis
  • Evaluating the entire body system, including skin, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, chest, abdomen, genito-urinary system (hernias), back/spine, extremities, joints, neurological (including reflexes), extremities/joints, gait, vascular system

After the DMV exam and personal interview, Dr. Motlagh will specify one of the following classifications for the individual applying, based on the questions asked on the form:

  • Does not meet standards
  • Meets standards
  • Meets standards, but periodic monitoring required
  • Determination pending
  • Incomplete examination

In the event that Dr. Motlagh recommends periodic monitoring, she must also determine how often that must take place.

Patient Testimonials

  • “Dr. Motlagh is one of the best doctors I have had the pleasure of working with. She is always professional and kind. She takes the time to talk with you and asks questions that maybe you haven’t asked yourself. She has truly gotten me through some very difficult times. I highly recommend her.” – L.H.
  • “Dr. Motlagh is the most knowledgeable physician I have ever seen. That with the tremendous humanity and love of life in her makes her an extraordinary physician. Do yourself a favor and be seen by her!" – K.B.

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What all is involved in the DOT physical exam?

The DOT physical, also known as the "Medical Fitness for Duty" exam, is a crucial test for commercial drivers. It's not only about the driver's current job duties but also about whether they can perform the job's demands safely. The medical examiner's primary responsibility is to ensure that the CMV driver's health meets the FMCSA standards.

During the exam, the physician considers two critical questions:

Can the driver meet the physical and mental requirements of the job today and for the duration of the medical card's validity?
Does the driver have any current or past medical conditions that may impact their ability to meet the job's demands now or in the future?
The DOT physical is an in-depth medical examination that determines if you are qualified to operate a commercial vehicle securely. To comprehend the DOT Physical Exam better, it is essential to relate the medical requirements to the demands of your job as a commercial driver. For a detailed guide to getting your medical certificate, refer to the Trucker Docs™ special guidebook.

What would cause someone to fail a DOT physical exam?

The DOT physical is a thorough medical examination that evaluates a commercial driver's fitness to safely operate a vehicle. The exam assesses various aspects of the driver's health, including visual and auditory acuity, limb control, and other conditions that may impair their ability to drive.

There are several medical conditions that can cause a driver to fail their DOT physical, including:

Loss or impairment of limbs
Poor visual or auditory acuity
Insulin-controlled diabetes
High blood pressure
Heart disease
Respiratory dysfunction
Mental disorders
Use of certain drugs
If any of these conditions pose a risk to public safety, the driver may fail the DOT physical. To learn more about the exam's full extent and how to prepare for it, refer to Trucker Docs' special guidebook. Remember, passing the DOT physical is essential to maintaining your commercial driving license and ensuring your safety and the safety of others on the road.

DOT Physical Exam Costs: Who Covers Them? Me, My Employer, or My Insurance?

The cost of a DOT physical examination can vary depending on several factors, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. While some drivers may be required to pay for the exam out of pocket, others may have their employer or insurance provider cover the cost.

It's essential to check with your employer to determine whether they offer coverage for the DOT physical exam. Some companies may require you to use their designated company doctor or may cover the cost of the exam entirely. However, some may not provide coverage, leaving you to pay for it yourself.

Similarly, insurance providers may not always reimburse for the exam, as they may consider it a preventative measure. In some cases, the driver may pay for the exam and then submit the receipt to their insurance company for reimbursement if covered.

Ultimately, the best way to determine who covers the cost of your DOT physical exam is to discuss it with your employer and insurance provider directly. By doing so, you can ensure that you are prepared for the costs associated with maintaining your commercial driving license.

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