Tighten Loose Neck Skin With Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

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Small fat pockets and loose skin on the neck can be a source of insecurity for countless people. If you want to reduce the appearance of a double chin, Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics is proud to offer advanced technologies like Opus Plasma® and truSculpt® iD. Both treatments are safe, noninvasive, and produce visible results.

Dr. Katayoun Motlagh understands that everyone is unique and therefore offers personalized treatment plans for all patients. Call now to schedule an appointment and see why we are a preferred clinic for skin tightening in Palmdale, CA. Patients can also read our online reviews to get an idea of the kind of services we provide.

Why is it so hard to slim down the neckline?

The neck is composed of many layers of skin and fat. Unfortunately, these layers often loosen and sag as we age, leading to an unflattering appearance. Factors like genetics and environmental factors also accelerate the aging process.

Though liposuction and skin removal surgery are common solutions for a double chin, they require time, resources, and a lengthy recovery period. Noninvasive treatments like Opus Plasma and truSculpt iD offer a safe alternative for skin tightening without any incisions or downtime.

How does Opus Plasma work?

Opus uses radiofrequency and plasma energies to encourage collagen production – a protein that strengthens and tightens the skin over time. During treatment, a cutting-edge device is used to send ultra-fine pulses into the skin layers without damaging the top surface. Dr. Motlagh lifts loose skin around delicate areas like the forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, and neck.

Results can be seen after one session, but some patients require 2 – 3 appointments for optimal outcomes. We monitor every patient’s progress to ensure that desired results are achieved.

How does truSculpt iD work?

truSculpt iD uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells that create a double chin while tightening the skin on the neck and jawline. A small handpiece is used to deliver energy without affecting the surrounding tissues. The entire process takes around 15 – 30 minutes to complete, and patients return to their daily routines with minimal downtime.

Results from truSculpt iD become noticeable in about six weeks based on your unique body composition. Most people need multiple treatments for long-lasting outcomes.

Which treatment is better for my needs?

You have options when it comes to fat removal and skin tightening in Palmdale, CA. A consultation is the best time to discuss your goals and find out whether Opus plasma or truSculpt iD is best suited for your situation. Patients can discuss their medical history with Dr. Motlagh to ensure that the procedure is safe and effective for them.

We also provide information about how many sessions are required and the expected results. Though mild side effects like redness and swelling may occur afterward, these symptoms should disappear on their own. Dr. Motlagh can ensure you are comfortable with your personalized treatment plan before moving forward.

Reduce sagging skin in the neck

A double chin or sagging neck can be difficult to treat without the right support. Now, you can benefit from popular procedures like Opus Plasma and truSculpt iD. Call Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics to learn about skin tightening in Palmdale, CA from a trusted expert.

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