Restore Sunken Cheeks with a Fat Transfer Using BeautiFill®

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Sunken cheeks can be a natural part of aging, but they can also make you look tired or older than you actually are. While there are numerous treatments available to address this issue, one effective and natural-looking option is a fat transfer. This treatment is gaining popularity for its ability to restore volume to the cheeks in a minimally invasive manner. Dr. Katayoun Motlagh at Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics in Palmdale, CA, specializes in this procedure and is dedicated to helping patients achieve their desired facial contour. 

How does fat transfer work? 

Fat transfer, specifically the BeautiFill®  fat transfer method, involves harvesting fat cells from one part of your body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injecting them into your cheeks. The fat cells are purified before being reintroduced, ensuring that only the highest quality cells are used. The benefit of using your own fat cells is that there's a lower risk of complications or allergic reactions. Additionally, the results tend to look more natural compared to synthetic fillers.  

  • Benefits of BeautiFill fat transfer:  
    • Natural-looking results 
    • Minimally invasive 
    • Lower risk of complications   

Is fat transfer in Palmdale, CA, a good option for me? 

If you're wondering how to add volume to your cheeks or how to get rid of sunken cheeks, a fat transfer might be a suitable solution for you. Ideal candidates for this procedure are those who have lost facial volume due to aging or weight loss and wish to restore a more youthful appearance. Dr. Motlagh offers personalized consultations to determine if this treatment is right for you, taking into account your medical history and aesthetic goals. 

What can I expect during and after the BeautiFill fat transfer procedure? 

The procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia and may take between 1 – 3 hours, depending on the extent of the treatment. After the procedure, you might experience some swelling and bruising, which is normal and should subside within a week or two. Dr. Motlagh provides comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery process and optimal results.  

  • Post-procedure expectations:  
    • Mild swelling and bruising 
    • Downtime of a few days to a week 
    • Long-lasting results   

Restore your youthful appearance 

If you're interested in learning more about how to add volume to your cheeks and are looking for fat transfer options in Palmdale, CA, Dr. Katayoun Motlagh at Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics is here to help. With her expertise and personalized approach, you can achieve natural-looking results that bring back your youthful glow. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a more confident you.

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