How Long Will Swelling Last After BeautiFill® Treatment?

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More people are turning to natural body contouring procedures like BeautiFill to enhance their appearance. This unique treatment at Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics removes unwanted fat from specific areas to restore fullness to your figure.

If you're considering laser lipo and fat grafting, Dr. Katayoun Motlagh can provide information about BeautiFill recovery, including temporary side effects like swelling. Though most swelling resolves after about two weeks, it can take six months for inflammation to subside. Call to book a consultation and learn about BeautiFill treatment. Our Palmdale, CA office is conveniently located and can help you reach your beauty goals.

What is involved with BeautiFill?

BeautiFill combines minimally invasive laser liposuction and fat grafting techniques to achieve natural-looking results. During this innovative procedure, unwanted fat is removed from specific areas; then, the harvested fat is purified and strategically administered into places that could benefit from additional volume or contouring. Dr. Motlagh can enhance the breasts, buttocks, and even some facial features through BeautiFill. Read our reviews to see what we can do.

Why does swelling occur after BeautiFill?

Swelling is a normal part of any cosmetic surgery, no matter how well the procedure was performed. When it comes to BeautiFill treatment, the amount of swelling you experience varies based on how much fat was removed and where it was transferred. During a consultation in Palmdale, CA, our trained team can offer an accurate timeline for swelling, depending on your personalized treatment plan.

While most swelling subsides within two weeks, it's not uncommon for some residual swelling to persist for up to six months as your body continues to heal. The good news is BeautiFill patients can still appreciate their results even while minor swelling is present. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that the fat is distributed evenly and consistently. This maximizes symmetry and minimizes any visible signs of swelling.

How to manage swelling during BeautiFill recovery

Here are some tips to help improve swelling after laser lipo and fat grafting:

  • Apply cold compresses: Use ice packs to reduce inflammation. Wrap the compress in a thin cloth to protect your skin and only apply for short periods of time.
  • Keep the affected area elevated: Elevate the treated body parts above your heart whenever possible. This promotes better circulation and fluid drainage.
  • Avoid salty and processed foods: Foods high in salt contribute to fluid retention and worsen swelling. Opt for a balanced diet to support natural healing.
  • Gentle exercise: Engage in light, low-impact activities like walking to stimulate blood flow. However, avoid rigorous exercises that increase swelling or strain the treated areas.
  • Follow post-procedure instructions: Adhere to all post-procedure instructions provided by our staff. This may include avoiding medications that increase swelling.

Remember, it's essential to consult with our staff before trying any home remedies or techniques so we can ensure your safety.

Ask about BeautiFill recovery

Are you considering BeautiFill treatment? Kat Motlagh's Health Clinics can review before-and-after photos and answer questions about swelling after laser lipo and fat grafting. Take the first step toward achieving the body you desire and call to book a consultation in Palmdale, CA. Dr. Katayoun Motlagh is ready to assist you on your journey to reaching your beauty goals through the transformative power of BeautiFill.

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